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Bank of Whittier - Code of Ethics

The 10 Golden RF (Riba Free) Rules We Adhere To at Your Bank; The Bank of Whittier
  1. DO NOT SPECULATE WITH PEOPLE'S MONEY AND TRUST. We place people's trust above everything including our own interest.
  2. FULFILL OUR PROMISES. We never promise what we cannot deliver.
  3. RESPECT MONEY - MONEY "RESPECTS" PEOPLE WHO RESPECT IT. We are careful with our costs. We keep them to a minimum.
  4. DO NOT FORGET OUR MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO LOCAL COMMUNITIES. While our most important concern is to achieve the highest return for our shareholders, we never forget our moral responsibility to local communities. We measure our success by return on assets and by the number of households we have helped open up.
  5. DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. We do not discriminate regardless of skin color, language, ethnic background, religious beliefs, Age or gender.
  6. INVEST IN OUR CLIENTS. We do not look at our business as a money renting or moneychangers operation. We invest with and in people.
  7. BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. We do not finance alcoholic related businesses, tobacco, gambling or any unethical behaviors and activities.
  8. BE SENSITIVE ABOUT WHO WE DEAL WITH. We promise to check our depositors, clients and customers to make sure of the validity of the sources of their funds and the type and quality of their businesses.
  9. BE CONSERVATIVE. Our most important investment objective is preservation of capital and keeping up with inflation.
  10. LOOK AT OUR CO-WORKERS AS OUR PARTNERS. We aspire to make each one of our co-workers as an important part of the business.