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Savings Accounts - Individual Retirement Account

Individual Retirement Account

  1. Designed for Individuals Who Don't Participate in a Pension Plan or 401(K) Plan.
  2. Contributions to This Plan are Set for An Annual One Time Contribution into Time Certificates of Deposit for 12, 18, or 24 Months (or more depending on your choice) for a Fixed Term.
  3. The Bank Acts As A Custodian of Funds.
Account Information:
Minimum Opening Deposit
Penalty for early withdrawal for original terms of one year or less
30 days
IRA close-out fee (rollovers or transfers to other institution)
Automatically Renewable

Note: Substantial tax penalties will be imposed by federal and state taxing authorities if cashed before age 59 1/2 years of age. You should consult your CPA or tax advisor for further details. A penalty for early withdrawal will be assessed even if it requires the reduction of the principal amount. You may withdraw your IRA deposit within 7 days of original deposit.